Real success in Hollywood starts with learning what you need to know. Every aspiring actor needs to learn basic skills to compete in the ever growing acting industry. Hollywood Acting.com offers many of those basic acting lessons on video and DVD!

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Start learning to act today with our acting DVDs, blog and newsletters. Post and or reply to our blog and take the time to sign up for our newsletters. John Sarno is easily one of the most sought-after coaches in Hollywood, and there is a reason why many of your favorite films and shows have actors and directors who learned the basics from John—a reason he will show, and teach you, on his DVDs.

Actor Nathin Butler endorses acting lessons from Hollywood ActingFamous Actor and General Hospital Alum Nathin Butler is now endorsing and supporting Hollywoodacting.com! Nathin learned much of his craft with step by step acting lessons just like these! Learn more about Nathin at his twitter here

How many of you have dreamed of becoming an actor? And How many of you know someone who has dreamed of becoming an actor? You might ask yourself another question that may go something like where do I start?, and how do I begin?

  • All great actors have techniques they use to find the character, learn their lines, channel their energies, access their sense memory etc. Actors must have a technique and they must be able to go there when directed whether in a movie, commercial, or a play. These techniques even enhance job interviews and presenting when in front of groups.

Legendary Acting Coach and Golden Globe nominee John Sarno with over 35 years of experience has coached over 500 stars in classes and private lessons in these techniques. If you were to get coaching from John you would have to buy a plane ticket, pay for private lessons and or enroll in his weekly classes. Well the cost of a plane ticket to Hollywood we imagine would run into Hundreds of dollars depending on where you live in the country, private lessons run $100 an hour, and classes $200 to $300 a month! You may want to run some figures in your own mind on what it would cost you?

  • Imagine learning the Hollywood Secrets of how to correctly slate your name, break down a monologue, and learn your lines without memorizing them because as Famous Acting Coach and Academy Award winner Lee Strasberg said when you memorize the lines you kill the imagination. Learn the hidden art of cold reading and much more. As an added bonus the Famous Acting Exercises DVD is included with every full set ordered. All lessons are taught in a raw workshop setting so you can learn along with John and his students.

As we noted earlier the value of these dvds and information could run you close to a $1000 dollars and imagine being able to access John and his workshop anytime? Isn’t it time you invested in yourself and you may even see yourself up on the Silver Screen or perhaps booking a commercial! All great accomplishments begin with a dream.

  • John’s techniques helped me book a Fruit of the Loom commercial which made me more than $15,000!

The suggested retail price for the entire set is $384.00 but we want you to have it and so have lowered the investment to $288. We do not know how long we can offer the information at so low a price so invest in your future now and live the real American dream of being an actor! So get what you know you truly deserve by investing in the Real Road to Success in Hollywood! Perhaps we will meet on a set someday?

Break a leg,

Mike McFarlin

"John believes there is someone in every family who has dreamed of being an actor at one time and he wanted the right information to be available to them where ever they were and whenever they wanted it." John Sarno

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